Wednesday 14 August 2013

Hi.  I am a retired Chartered Surveyor.  I live with my wife Margaret, and my daughter Elizabeth.  I came into writing novels quite late in life.  I had always wanted to write but could never think of a decent plot. In 2005 we went for a holiday in Austria.  We stayed in a place called Grundlsee.  This was the first of three lakes.  The next lake, Toplitz, was used by the Germans during the war to test torpedoes, and missiles.  As the war came to an end many items were hidden in the lake, including millions of counterfeit pounds, and dollars.  There was also jewellery, weapons, and documents.  There were rumours that gold bullion was also placed in to the lake.  Several searches were made, but no gold was discovered.  In my first novel, The Kammersee Affair (available on Amazon), gold is found, only in the third lake, Kammersee.
Since then I have developed a character, Tom Kendall, a private detective.  To date there are four books published and available on Amazon.  "The Mackenzie Dossier", "The Marinski Affair", "Epidemic" and "A Killing In The City". I have just published my sixth novel, a "What If" novel set in the time of the American Civil War, "The Thackery Journal".
I have two other Tom Kendall novels that I am working on for release, hopefully, in 2014